How do I set up the Cushimal in a chair? 

Place the flat side of the Cushimal in an upright position against the chair's backrest. Wrap the elastic Cushimal strap around the chair and secure with the buckle. 

Where do I position the Cushimal?

We recommend aligning the Cushimal with a seated child's lower back to promote better posture and optimal comfort. The elastic strap will allow the child to make their own adjustments to positioning the contoured, concave shape of the Cushimal to where they feel the most support for their back. 

Can I use the Cushimal for any other purpose? 

Yes! Cushimals love to travel! Cushimals are compact, portable, and can easily tag along wherever a kid may go. Cozy up with your Cushimal in a favorite reading nook, and on car or plane rides. Cushimals make great pillows and squeezable, huggable companions for those long, seated hours. Cushimals promote better posture and back support for kids anywhere they go. 

Is the Cushimal washable? 

Yes! The Cushimal cover is machine washable on the gentle cold cycle, and can be air-dried or put in the dryer on the gentle low-heat cycle. Unzip the cover and gently pull out the memory foam before washing. The memory foam is not machine washable or machine dryable. 

What is the Cushimal made of?

The Cushimal is made of 100% pure memory foam, which is designed to be durable, maintain its firmness and provide a customizable cushion experience for kids. 


Why is back support important for my child? 

Good posture should start at a young age. Cushimals provide premium support, with its ergonomic design fit for a kid. By promoting good posture at a young age, we can all play a role in preventing common back-related ailments like tension and other types of chronic back pains. Studies show that sitting with proper postural alignment of bones and joints will allow a child's body to move more efficiently and with less fatigue. Staying aware of good posture will also limit the effects of poor postural habits, reduce the stress and strain on kids' spines, and encourage healthy growth and development of their bodies during these important years.

What is lumbar pain?

Lumbar pain refers to pain in the lower back. As a lot of adults know, sitting for long periods of time, without proper lower back support can often lead to poor posture and other body aches and pains. Today, our kids spend more and more time learning and playing virtual games while seated in front of computers and tablets, both at school and at home. The prevalence of lower back pain in children and adolescents is on the rise. Cushimals are specially designed to help prevent lumbar pain in our growing kids by providing a measure of support and cushioning that may improve sitting posture, alleviate pressure and improve alignment.


Why should I buy a lumbar support cushion for my child? 

Obviously, we tend to make purchases like these when we start to feel symptoms of back pain or discomfort — we aren’t as good about taking preventative steps towards our longer-term health and comfort. Today, we know that the risk factors for back pain in kids are here to stay and they are on the rise. Our happy customers have used their Cushimals for kids with existing lumbar issues and also for kids who are re-adjusting to a new world of virtual schooling during the COVID-19 pandemic. Of course, some of our Cushimal customers just love how these supports change the look and feel of their chairs! Good posture should start at a young age, and the Cushimals can help!


Why are Cushimals more appropriate as a lumbar support for kids? 

Typical lumbar support cushions are engineered to fit an adult's larger body frame, NOT a child's. Adult lumbar support cushions are too big and bulky for a child to use comfortably, and they usually feature a contour that is too deep for a child's back. By contrast, Cushimals are professionally designed with a child's smaller body frame in mind, to provide optimal comfort and back support. 

Most of all, Cushimals are a playful family of friends and companions that come in cute colors and designs, and a durable, super soft fabric. We will be adding exciting new members to our Cushimal family soon in 2021!

What is the appropriate age range for this product? 

Lumbar support is important for people of all ages, and Cushimals can promote better posture for any child sitting at a desk or in the car. Because Cushimals are designed with a child's smaller body frame in mind, we typically recommend using them for preschool to middle school age kids. However, Cushimals may also accommodate older teenagers and even adults with smaller body frames. Please stay tuned for our new 2021 designs for older kids!