Giving Back

We believe that all children deserve care and support from parents, caretakers or a community of people that care for them and want to see them thrive. Therefore, our company commits 10% of our profits to two special organizations that support vulnerable children, ONE Ministries - UNIQUE Learning Center and America World Adoption Association. It is our mission to support children who may not have the necessary framework for development that they deserve. 

ONE Ministries - UNIQUE Learning Center (ULC) seeks to provide inner city children in Washington D.C. with the most effective tools of human development and encouragement as their lives are daily affected by negative aspects of urban life. Since 1982 ULC has partnered with parents, teachers, community leaders, area churches, as well as a team of volunteers to instill academic excellence and high moral standards in its students, to unlock the rich potential of their undiscovered gifts and talents. 

America World Adoption Association has helped connect nearly 5,000 children with their forever families through the gift of adoption in the past 26 years. America World Adoption has unique partnerships and relationships with orphanages and children's homes around the world, including China, India, Haiti and Uganda, where vulnerable children can be cared for and looked after as every child should. In our support of these two wonderful organizations, we are striving to make a positive and meaningful impact on the lives of children.