Harper the Husky

Harper is selfless, brave and strong. Harper loves to lead the Cushimals on adventures and protect them along the way.

Pika the Penguin 

Pika is resourceful, encouraging and empathetic. Pika loves working with the Cushimals as a team to overcome challenges and also loves team sports. Pika sees the best in others and helps others see it too. 

Grinny the Gator 

Grinny is goofy and gregarious. Grinny keeps the Cushimals laughing with his funny jokes. Grinny loves to show off his pearly whites by taking selfies, and is the designated photographer to document the Cushimal adventures.   

Bello the Bear

Bello is kind, thoughtful and welcoming. Bello loves to bake honey buns and honey cookies to bring cheer to the Cushimal gang.

Yulie the Unicorn

Yulie is curious, inquisitive and outgoing. Yulie loves to travel to new places, and write and draw about her adventures in her journal. She has a great vocabulary and knows 6 languages.